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My work

A glimpse of my work across the global health space.

Global Advocacy Masterclass - Producer

I worked as a Producer on a Global Advocacy Masterclass for one of the world's top 5 biggest pharmaceutical companies. Filmed across Australia, New Zealand, the USA, UK and Europe. This was used as a 7-part teaching module for over 70,000 viewers.

Madeline Philippe producer

National Cancer Campaign - Producer

Production Lead for national cancer campaign, shown across Australia. Working with Australia's leading cancer NFP's.


Sky News - Live News Producer

Sky News Weather - produced national coverage for the Townsville Flood Crisis and the major Bushfire Crisis December 2019. Directly responsible for the development, production and management of all on-air content (pre-recorded and live). I was lead producer during the highest ratings for the channel in December, 2018.


USA Health Equity Series - Producer

Produced a health equity series in the USA for a leading US pharmaceutical company. First-of-its-kind series highlighting core issues of racism in accessing medicines across the US healthcare system.

Madeline Philippe producer
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